Saturday, May 1, 2010

Fuck Islam

I am so fucking angry at Islam and if you're not too, then I can honestly say that you are a sick fuck. Islam violates so many human right it should disgust any half-decent human being to the core.Islam ordains that apostates are to be killed (not quickly but by stoning so that they can die SLOWLY and PAINFULLY), it orders limb amputations for petty theft, allows raping women, orders lashings, allows for Muslim men to beat their wives, that women are blame if they're raped, that molesting little girls is perfectly ok, it orders those who insult Islam and all those who do not submit to it are to be killed by beheading and cutting of their hands and feet. Dont feed me that pure bullshit that this isnt part of Islam, everyone of these acts are legislated by the Quran and Islamic scripture from the hadith. Then theres all these ignorant fucks who dont know jackshit about islam, they try to be politically correct and applaud themselves themselves for being open minded; they'll do that right up the moment the jihadists slit their throats. To say that it is racist to criticize Islam is like saying its racist to criticize Nazism, it doesn't make sense, they're both hateful and inhumane ideologies. These wars arent about fucking foreign policy, it never was. This war was started when Muhammad (shit be upon him) ordered all Muslims to fight disbelievers until you convert them or subjugate them to dhimmis (second-class status where they're forbidden to preach their religion carry religious relics under penalty of beheading), if they refuse it warrant their deaths. This is fucking global jihad to make one islamic state, are you fucking blind? Look whats happening in virtually every country: mylasia, indonesia, pakistan, afghanistan, iraq, iran, spain, saudi arabia, nigeria, somalia, morroco, egypt, britain, etc... muslims are killing innocent people left and right! These Muslims are following in the footsteps Muhammad who fucking killed a bunch of innocent people, who was fucking pedophile that fucked Aisha who was just she NINE years old, who lead caravan raids, who severed the heads of over 800 jews of the banu qurayzah tribe, owned blacked slaves, he brutally tortured people by burning their eye out and cutting off their limbs, he ordered the assassinations of poets like abu afak and asma bint marwan who undermined his authority, he was a fucking epileptic madman. So when you see these crazy infantile Muslims threatening to kill people over some fucking cartoons, should it be any surprise when they consider a man like this to be "the best example for mankind"? Islam is unique among other religions, it mandates to establish sharia to the land through jihad (this one of the fucking pillars), its goal is world domination it always has been from the very moment of its conception. We need to stop being politically correct, because islam will undoubtedly kill us all if keep spreading the lies that it is peaceful.